Business Terms

1. General Provisions
By the purchase order submission the Customer indicates its acceptance of the Business Terms and Conditions for Goods Deliveries published by the Supplier. Relationships of the Customer and the Supplier shall be governed by these Business Terms and Conditions („BTC“), which shall be binding for both parties, unless stipulated otherwise in a contract. The BTC specify and detail the rights and obligations of the Supplier (Řezpof, spol. s r.o.) and its Customers (buyers) and in its current wording they are included in a purchase contract (regarding deliveries of goods), form its integral part respectively. Unless a continuous purchase contract is concluded by the parties in writing, the Supplier shall supply the Goods based on an electronic or telephonic purchase order and the Customer’s specification (purchase orders submitted by e-mail) entered in the form, which is made available during the first registration of the Customer in the e-shop.

2. Subject-Matter of the Contract
The Subject-Matter of the Contract shall be only the items expressly included in the purchase contract – order (hereinafter only the „Goods“). Data provided in the Internet pages, catalogues, leaflets and other printed materials shall be of a non-binding nature, unless expressly stated as binding in the Contract. The Supplier undertakes to provide its Customers with: a defect free Goods complying with the specifications or properties usual for the relevant type of the Goods, complying with the standards, regulations and directives valid within the territory of the Czech Republic, provided with Czech instruction for use, Warranty Sheets and lists of post-warranty repair shops, if it is usual for the relevant type of the Goods.

3. Place of Performance
The place of performance is the Supplier’s warehouse. In case of personal collection the Customer is obliged to provide a proof of full repayment of the Goods at the releasing warehouse. In case of the Goods collection by a different person than the Customer, the collecting person is obliged to prove himself/herself with an authorization by the Customer.

4. Ordering the Goods, Contract Conclusion
The electronic or telephonic purchase order shall be valid only if all data and details required by the form are filled in. The purchase order is a draft purchase contract. Formal confirmation of the purchase order by the Supplier is not required for the purchase contract conclusion; the contract shall be concluded by the Gods delivery. In individual cases, namely in cases with higher prices, the Supplier may reserve the contract conclusion by the purchase order confirmation. In relation to the nature of business (Goods quantities, prices, transportation costs, distances, etc.) the Supplier shall always be entitled to ask the Customer for a purchase order authorization in a suitable manner, e.g. by phone or in writing. Should the Customer refuse to authorize the purchase order in the required manner, the purchase order shall be deemed void.

If a long-term written master purchase contract is concluded by the parties, the electronic or telephonic purchase order shall specify the already concluded contract in more detail and the record shall form its integral part. Permanent customers having a written purchase contract shall make use of the benefits agreed upon during the contract signing, unilaterally offered by the Supplier after the contract signing respectively, at the Supplier’s Internet pages or by a telephonic purchase order.

5. Price and Payment
The offered prices provided at the Internet pages shall be valid as of the moment of ordering. The prices provided in a printed price list shall be valid till a new price list releasing. The Supplier reserves the right of printing errors and amendment of the prices, in the event of exchange rates changes, significantly increased inflation or significant changes of manufacturers and other suppliers’ delivery conditions. The purchase price shall be deemed paid only as of the moment of the entire purchase price for a separate part of the delivery placement to the Supplier’s current account or by its payment in cash at the Supplier’s cash desk. In the event of any delay with the maturity period the Customer shall be obliged to pay to the Supplier delay payment interests of 0.1% from the overdue amount for each day of the delay. The Supplier reserves the title to the Goods until full repayment of the purchase price. An invoice issued based on the purchase contract concluded by the Supplier and the Customer shall at the same time be a tax document. Take over of the Goods shall be, as the rule, possible only after its full repayment, unless agreed upon otherwise. Unless provided otherwise in the purchase order the invoice shall be attached to the consignment. The price of transport shall be added to the price of the Goods.
The Act on VAT, Section III par. 1 letter a): Taxable performance shall be deemed fulfilled: in case of goods selling based on a purchase contract as of the delivery date, in other cases as of the day of the goods take over or payment, according to what occurs sooner, unless stipulated otherwise by this Act. According to the Commercial Code, Section 2, Part 2, Art. 412 par. 1: Should the Supplier not be obliged to deliver the goods to a certain place according to the contract, the goods shall be deemed delivered as of its hand over to the first carrier for transport to the customer, if the contract stipulates goods sending by the supplier.

6. Delivery Period
Delivery period commences as of the day of a binding purchase order receipt, subject to compliance with all prerequisites necessary for timely processing of the delivery. Should the Goods be in stock, the Supplier undertakes to ship it or hand it over to the carrier within 2 working days. The delivery period shall be extended adequately to the circumstances, if the delay is caused by Force Majeure or circumstances not caused by the Supplier. The majority of the Goods are in stock. However, some manufacturers do not have to communicate production outage or delay of deliveries in time. If the purchase order is important, the Customer shall request a written confirmation of the purchase order by the Supplier. Should the ordered Goods not be in stock, or should it be impossible to hand it over to the carrier within 2 days, the Supplier shall inform the Customer on the expected delivery date or offer a comparable product. However, in such a case the Supplier shall obtain the Customer’s consent. The delivery period shall be deemed duly fulfilled, if the Goods are ready in the place of hand over not later than on the last day of the contracted or additionally amended delivery period. Withdrawal from the purchase contract shall be governed by the Act No. 367/2000 Coll. In compliance with the law you, as the Customer, have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the Goods take over. However, such a right is a subject to your purchase as a natural person (not a purchase for a legal person’s ID no.). Should the Customer decide to return the Goods within the legally stipulated period, the Goods must be sent back intact, undamaged and in an original undamaged packing.

7. Consignment Take Over
At the consignment take over the Customer is obliged to check the consignment’s packing – visible defects (damaged packing) must be immediately reported and entered into the delivery note. Thus, the consignment can be taken over also with such a defect without the need to worry about potential subsequent claiming the damages. Check the contents of the consignment after departure of the driver, the driver shall not wait for inspection of the contents during the hand over – hidden defects can be reported within 24 hours from the consignment take over and drawing of a record on damage can be requested. For communication with PPL use exclusively the consignment number (11 digits). If the consignment is damaged, the sender has the right to inspect the actual condition of the damage or partial loss of the consignment. Due to the above reasons the Customer (recipient) is obliged to prevent any handling of the consignment and keep the packing of the consignment, in which the consignment has been delivered. From the same reason the consignment must not be disposed of or transported to another place, without the sender’s consent. Transport shall be charged per the current price list of Czech Post. Postage shall not be charged for consignments of value exceeding CZK 4000.

8. Warranty, Service
The Supplier provides the Customer with the Product warranty in the manner, of the scope, with contents and under the conditions resulting from the Warranty Sheet and the Warranty Terms and Conditions. When selling a Product to an entrepreneur, the contractual warranty provided based on the Commercial Code is defined by these Warranty Terms and Conditions. The warranty period shall be 12 months for spices and spice mixtures, remaining products have the legal warranty period of 24 months. The warranty period commences as of the Product take over by the Customer. Within the legal warranty period consumers are entitled to a free of charge, timely and due removal of Product defects. If the above is inadequate with regard to the nature of the Product defect (from the viewpoint of the Product or a part thereof wear and tear), the consumer may require replacement of the defective Part of the Product. The Customer may claim all its rights resulting from the warranty, if:
a) the Product has been duly put into operation in the manner resulting from the Instructions for use;
b) the Product has always been duly used and maintained in compliance with the Instructions for use;
c) no unauthorized or unprofessional interventions were made to the Product.
When exercising each right resulting from the warranty the Customer is obliged to prove existence of the warranty by presentation of original documents on purchase of the Product and the Warranty Sheet. All such documents must be legibly, correctly and fully filled in. Incompletely filled in or illegally altered documents shall be disregarded. The Customer must exercise each right resulting from the warranty without any undue delay, however not later than by the end of the warranty period, otherwise such a right shall be extinct. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damages, destructions, defects, deterioration of defects or its demonstrations or any other devaluation of the Product or any part thereof, caused in relation to late exercising of the right resulting from liability for Product defects. The Customer is obliged to provide the Warranty Sheet and also all confirmations of repairs with each following claim of the Product. The service company reserves the right to replace defective and irreparable Goods by other Goods of the same parameters. The warranty period of 3 months is provided for post-warranty repairs. In case of an unjustified claim the service company is authorized to charge the work necessary for the Goods testing, with the rate CZK 350.- , VAT excluded, for each commenced hour of the work, to the Customer. In case of any claim the product must be handed over in a complete and clean condition.
The warranty (including contractual warranty) is not applicable to:
a) Defects of the Product should the Customer fail to proof eligibility, validity or timely manner of the claim (e.g. with regard to discrepancies between data provided in the Warranty Sheet and at the Product, missing or illegally altered data in the Warranty Sheet);
b) Damage of the Product caused by its soiling, accident, act of God or as a result of natural or other phenomena (e.g. storm, fire, excess voltage, blackouts, heat, contamination of the Product by liquids, dust or objects);
c) Mechanical damage of the Product (e.g. by fall, breaking, impact, driving to an obstacle, tearing or other damage to the feeding cable, connector or other parts of the Product);
d) Damages caused by use of improper filling or unsuitable operational conditions;
e) Defects, malfunctions and other deficiencies caused by unsuitable quality of electromagnetic signal, disturbing electromagnetic field;
f) Damage, adjustment or other interference into the Product made by unauthorized person;
g)If installation, operation, service and maintenance of the equipment are unprofessional and in a conflict with the Instruction for use, or if unauthorized interventions into the product occurred;
h) Damages caused by use of the equipment in a conflict with the Instructions for use, technical standards or safety regulations valid in the Czech Republic, the EU respectively.
Comment: If the equipment is dependent on water supplies, such water must meet the requirements for duly operation of the equipment.

9. Final Provisions
These Business Terms and Conditions shall be valid in the wording provided at the Supplier’s Internet pages as of the day of an electronic or telephonic purchase order submission, unless agreed upon otherwise by the parties in writing. In case of a continuous contractual relationship (if a written master purchase contract is concluded) the Customer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract if the Terms and Conditions are significantly amended after the Contract signing. Should the Customer send a purchase order after the day of the Terms and Conditions amendment, it shall be deemed the Customer’s approval of the amendment. By an electronic or telephonic purchase order submission the Customer fully accepts all provisions hereof, in the wording valid as of the day of the purchase order submission, as well as the Price of the ordered Goods provided in the Price list kept at the Internet pages valid on the day of the purchase order submission (including any potential shipment and transportation costs), unless provably agreed upon otherwise in an individual case. The Customer shall be irrevocably bound by the submitted electronic or telephonic purchase order (draft purchase contract) for the period stipulated for the Goods delivery. In the meaning of the provisions of the Art. 262 par. 1 of the Commercial Code, the parties have expressly agreed that unless expressly stipulated otherwise herein, the rights and obligations of the contracting parties shall be governed by the Commercial Code, namely its provisions of the Art. 409 et seq.


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